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Yoga Happiness: A Path for Transformation

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An insightful companion resource that propels you towards increased happiness.  Happiness isn't however about constantly having a good time, getting what you want or looking good. It has far more to do with your inner awareness, intentions and feelings of gratitude and contentment. Life is a journey of events that constantly involves our participation. Our emotions, our feelings, our perceptions, our thinking and our doing; all affect our being.

There are many benefits to be found in a yoga practice.  Yoga can help to get rid of some of the anger, frustration, feelings of hopelessness or anxiety we may be experiencing. Stretching, breathing and relaxing for example, combined with techniques such as Pranayama (breathing exercises) and mindful focussed awareness, helps us feel more open to ideas of accepting more positive ways of being.

Yoga Happiness: A Path for Transformation offers a breakthrough approach as it encourages your intuition, awareness and faith to make the transitional leap. A synthesis of Yoga Philosophies, Taoism, Buddhist and eastern elements are utilised but this is not a religious book, it is about bringing you back into alignment with your higher self. As we deveop more acceptance of the way things are we open to more loving kindness, become less judgemental and grasping and find the happiness we so desire.

Highly beneficial as a guide for changing negative patterns that prevent us being genuinely happy. Also recommended for yoga teachers with the Yamas and Niyamas presented in a thought provoking and practical program that contains a selection of asanas, pranayama exercises and meditation components.

Drawing on many years teaching both Art and Yoga, life experiences and a desire to help others, Annushka inspires self-realisation and personal power in her transformative book, Yoga Happiness: A Path for Transfomation.
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Audio Downloads
1 Introduction to Yoga Breathing

2 Full Yoga Breathing Pranayama

3 Golden Healing Meditation

4 Pebble Meditaion

5 Deep Relaxation Savasana for Nurturing the Whole Being

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Gemma on 20-01-2016 04:14 AM
What a fantastic resource!

This book is beautifully illustrated and lays out flat on the floor, perfect for working through the exercises.

Great for all levels and beginners to yoga practises with additional insightful techniques to help you find inner peace and happiness.

Highly recommended.
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