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Traditionally Yoga was used to resolve not only physical conditions but to treat emotional difficulties and negative states of mind. Yoga can help to relieve or improve stress and anxiety as well as depression. Yoga has a beautiful way of gently assisting the individual to a more equalised state of balance and harmony. Yoga can be a great way to simply release tension, breathe more effectively, stretch your body and connect within.

Often when people feel stressed they push others away or feel disconnected. Yoga works to restore harmony and balance to body, mind and spirit.

Yoga was created as part of an ancient Indian science. The harnessing of Prana energy is believed to permeate everything.

How might a Private Yoga Session Help?

A private yoga session can be useful for different purposes and can be tailored to suit the individual's needs.

It can provide an oportunity to improve your yoga or act as an initial introduction before joining a class group or even used as a beneficial therapy to activate the body's natural healing.

A private one on one yoga session may also help to alleviate anxiety or alternately help with feelings of low energy. Your private session may include Meditation or a combination of breathwork (Pranayama techniques) and Yoga asanas or it may concentrate more on experienceing a Guided Body Scan and deep relaxation Savasana.

A private session needs to be discussed before attending so that it can be best tailored to suit your needs.

In times of deep grief or emotional trauma a private session can also be of tremendous benefit.  Usually when the mind is stressed, so is the body or vice versa. Yoga can help to release and let go of some of the physical, mental and emotional pain held within during these times.  Yoga is not a replacement for medical treatments but a valuable adjunct.

Some athletes like to use a private yoga class to either release muscle tensions or to strengthen and tone the body and increase flexibility. However, Yoga is not like a work out in a gym. Nor is it used to treat a fresh injury. The connection of body, mind and spirit are essential to wholistic wellness and yoga works on this principle.

A slow and gentle stretching session tailored with the breath and relaxation can be helpful in restoring broken sleep patterns.

All Private Sessions treat the individual with respect, honouring both the individual and the yoga teacher.

Contact Anna on 0431 325 887 to arrange a private session.

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