Transformation Yoga with Anna - Macleay Island


Monday Mornings 8:45 am to 10:15 am:     $10   

A Hatha Yoga blend with a focused Asana practice, Pranayama breathing techniques and Meditation. Personal transformation is enhanced through the essence of this beautiful, ancient tradition.

Being in the moment and at one with the universe brings a sense of peace and contentment. Stretching with awareness, postural alignment, coordination, strengthening and increased flexibility are just some of the benefits. The Meditation segment helps bring body, mind and spirit into a state of balance and harmony.

Beginners welcome with optional poses. Bring a yoga mat, light blanket and small cushion. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class starts.


Contact Anna on 0431 325 887



Transformation Yoga provides a balance of yoga asana and meditation. Unify your mind and body and release unwanted tension.

Gentle, progressive stretching; relieves anxiety, stiff joints, muscular aches and pains. Combined with guided meditation nurturing a sense of deeper peace and connection within. Restorative and rejuvenating.

Come along and experience the benefits of yoga, leave with a smile and feel at peace within.

Beginners are welcome.

Bring your own yoga mat, water bottle and a small cushion.

There are a few spare mats available to borrow in class if you do not yet have your own.

Please try to arrive on time and make sure mobile phones are off.

  • Improve your flexiblility and tone up muscles
  • Improve your powers of observation and mental focus in balancing postures
  • Stretch and strengthen
  • De-stress and release unwanted tension in constrained muscles
  • Breathe more effectively as you learn breath awareness techniques
  • Build self-reliance, self-confidence and positive outlook
  • Brings harmony and helps to rebalance the whole body and mind allowing for more positive thinking and greater sense of wholeness.

ln studio we engage the mind with body to syncronise with the breath. For men and women of all ages. All can benefit. 

A point of difference is awaiting your discovery in the deeply relaxing, guided visualisations in savasana (lying down relaxation) undertaken at the end of each class.

Through regular practice a greater sense of self-worthiness, love, compassion and acceptance is enhanced through the practice of Mindful Yoga.

Visualisations, affirmations, sound and music may all play an important role in bringing the mind, body and spirit into harmony.

About Anna (Annushka)

Director of Yoga Arts Fusion, Anna is an experienced Yoga Instructor, Artist and Art Teacher who has run many classes, workshops and retreats.

Anna is now living on Macleay Island, she is a registered Advanced Level Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance and Author of Yoga Happiness: A Path For Transformation.

Join Anna for Transformation Yoga classes at the Macleay Island Progress Hall which is just up the road from the jetty. So if you live elsewhere on the South Morton Bay Islands take advantage of the free inter island ferry travel. Of course people from the big island to the west of SMBI are also welcome.

For enquiries Call or SMS Anna on 0431 325 887

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