Anna Heggie - Artist and Yogini

Anna is an Artist, Presenter and Yoga/Meditation teacher.  Anna provides classes, workshops, coursework and recources devoted to affirming the intrinsic qualities of wellness and creativity. 

Her private Macleay Island Studio is situated only 30 minutes from the heart of Brisbane and presents a light filled space with panoramic Morton Bay views surrounded by tropical greenery. A variety of accomodation can be found on Macleay Island for those coming from further afield and wanting to attend Anna's Workshops or Classes.Anna Niblic Heggie

At nineteen Anna studied painting with Sydney artist, Fred Martin from the Max Meldrum Tonal Impressionist School.

In her early twenties she was already exhibiting with established galleries in and around Sydney; selling her work and winning awards. After completing a Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diploma in Art Education, Anna held a permanent part-time Art Teaching position for over twenty years with the NSW Department of Education. She also exhibited regularly, did commissioned work and ran a  fine arts' photography business.

Anna was flown by the Department of Education to remote centres to run a sequence of Digital Photography Workshops for teachers. She has had National and International Exhibitions, including an Artists Exchange in Indonesia followed by an Artist's Residency in Malaysia and  an international touring exhibition for World Peace and Harmony.

Yoga and Meditation were part of Anna's life for many years before deciding to do her training as an instructor. She has found it to be a deepening process and very helpful when having to deal with more difficult times. Anna's passion for Yoga and Art have lead to a fusion of combined cultural events and oportunities to work with others. Her workhshops, tutorials, courses and classes revolve, evolve and continue to delight those who attend.

In a television series for QTV Brisbane Film Studios, Anna was an Arts Presenter for mini- artworkshops in 12 shows in the series. Her experiences in the art world and teaching both Yoga and Creative Arts has been an adventure and leveler.  Anna is a registered experienced Yoga teacher with Certified Advanced Level. For eighteen months she worked as Director of a Yoga Retreat for owners of a Beach Resort.

Artistic expression has evolved for Anna to include writing and she presently writes a regular lifestyle column for Summerland Coast NSW and is Author of Yoga Happiness: A Path for Transformation.

“How we choose to define ourselves requires thoughtful enquiry and certain acceptance. Nothing remains the same. However, when we can embrace change, lifes challenges and the heartbreaks, we are able to re-emerge, become re-inspired and open to a window of possibilities.

Creative expression and the freedom to transcend aspects of ourselves or painful experiences brings us to a deeper awareness of a greater power. Yoga, The Arts and Meditation intrinsically work well together to activate a dynamic shift. We percieve ourselves and life to be a meaningful journey yet accept better the unforeseen. The mindfulness of breath to body in Yoga and meditation brings us into a state of more focused stillness. The contemplative focus discovered in creative expression is similar.  Both can be profoundly healing and transformative. "_ Anna Heggie

Yoga Happiness: A Path for Transformation provides a thoughtful and guided approach, pertinent for today’s living.

Anna's book is a result of research and personal experiences, providing essential and valuable insight.

The book is highly recommended for Yoga teachers and for the complete novice. Anyone can enjoy the accessibility of this book which contains six chapters; each one with a program included.

The book ultimately is a course for living steering the reader into a more valued sense of self-worth, wellbeing and nurturing.

It has been reviewed as being sensitive, practical, thought provoking and relevant.

Anna Niblic Heggie Curriculum Vitae


Artist, Yogi, Teacher, Presenter and Writer are ways of describing Anna’s career.

From the age of 19 Anna studied with artist, Fred Martin in Sydney, a disciple of The Max Meldrum School and Tonal Impressionism.

Later Anna rebelled against the strict tonalist methodology but retained the enjoyment of Fred's philosophical discussions on art and life.

She started exhibiting in Sydney during my early twenties. In my late twenties I attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree whilst painting portrait commissions.

Further Post Graduate studies in Arts Education led to a permanent part-time teaching position and entwined with her passion for Painting, Photography and also Yoga.

In 2009 Anna was an artist presenter for a twelve part television series, “Arts Masterclass” with QCTV Brisbane.

Whilst becoming an Advanced Yoga instructor Anna continued to create and exhibit her artwork, run art workshops and teach yoga. Ultimately, she have discovered that the act of creativity can be a way of giving to oneself as well as to others.

She ran a Photographic Business whilst sharing her passion for Photography with senior high school students.

Digital photography led to other opportunities including an International Exhibition in Indonesia and Canada and an Artist’s Residency in Malaysia. Anna was flown by The Department of Education to a number of outback regional centres to run Digital Photographic Workshops for teachers.

In 2010 she was made Yoga Retreat Director at a Holiday Resort, implementing Yoga with Laughter Yoga and Mandala Art.

Anna wrote her book, Yoga Happiness: A Path for Transformation, published in 2013. She is presently director of Lennox Head Yoga Studio.

Anna also writes regular Life-style articles for Summerland Coast, the online business/tourism portal for the Far North Coast of NSW. 

Anna now resides on Macleay Island where she is blessed to have a studio with panoramic Moreton Bay views.

Anna says, "I immensely enjoy the beauty of the island and its community." 

Anna now runs regular Transformation Yoga classes on Macleay Island.

Major Exhibitions

2015 Solo Exhibition, The Mannequin: Not Just A Clothes Horse, Paintings and Photography, Redland Museum, BRISBANE

2008 International Touring Exhibition Kedamaian 111, Multi- Media Still @the centre Gallery, BYRON BAY 

2007 International Touring Exhibition, Kedamaian 11, The Rudana Museum, Ubud, BALI, INDONESIA

2007 Solo Exhibition, Montréal Soul et Synergie, MultiMedia, The Alliance Française. SYDNEY

2006 International Multi-Media Exhibition, Barber Gallery, TORONTO, CANADA

2006 Solo Exhibition, Paris Séries: Le Beau est Toujours Bizarre, Alliance Française. SYDNEY

2006 Solo Exhibition, Paris Séries: Le Beau est toujours Bizarre Alliance Française BRISBANE

2006 Represented by Richard Martin Gallery, SYDNEY.

2004 Solo Exhibition, A Shadow In The Last Sun, Paintings, Gallery 482, Fortitude Valley, BRISBANE

2004 Solo Exhibition A Medieval Village; St. Cirq La Poppie, Paintings and Photographs, Alliance Française SYDNEY

2004 Solo Touring Exhibition “A Medieval Village” Photography, BRISBANE, SYDNEY, ADELAIDE, AUCKLAND, WELLINGTON, CHRISTCHURCH

2003 Solo Exhibition, Adrift, Paintings, Gallery 482, Fortitude Valley, BRISBANE

2002 Solo Exhibition and Cultural Exchange, Bridging Cultures, paintings, Pengosekan Gallery, Ubud, Bali, INDONESIA.

1999 Solo Exhibition, Accessories, Paintings, Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, STANTHORPE, QLD

1998 Solo Exhibition, Accessories, Paintings, Gallery 482, Fortitude Valley, BRISBANE

1997 Solo Exhibition, Indian Summer, Paintings, Gallery 482, Fortitude Valley, BRISBANE

Solo exhibition, Association Des Objects, Paintings,  Brooklet House Gallery, BYRON BAY, NSW

Solo Exhibition, Female Associations, Paintings, The Orient, BYRON BAY, NSW

1996 Solo Exhibition, Indian Summer, Paintings and Drawings, Lismore Regional Art Gallery, LISMORE

1993 Solo Exhibition: Metaphors and Moods: Reflections of a Vanishing Landscape, Paintings, Cape Gallery, BYRON BAY, NSW

1992 Solo Exhibition, Images, Objects and Influences, Paintings, Lismore Regional Art Gallery, LISMORE, NSW

Group Exhibitions And Representations:

2018 The Morris Art Prize selected entry, GOLDCOAST

2015-2018  Group exhibitions, MIAC, Macleay Island.

2009 EMSLA Still Life Award, Coffs Harbour, NSW

2009 River of Life Exhibition, Ballina Community Gallery, Ballina, NSW

2007- Olive Cotton Photographic Awards, Tweed Regional Art Gallery, NSW

2007 Represented by Barber Gallery, Toronto, CANADA

2006 Represented by Pollock Galleries, MELBOURNE

2006 Represented by Richard Martin Galleries, Paddington, SYDNEY

2006 A Time To Listen, Group Exhibition, Ahimsa House, BRISBANE (work included in Publication)

2005 The GMO Show, Barber Gallery, Guelph/Toronto. CANADA

        Represented by Gallery 482 Brisbane QLD

        Olive Cotton Photographic Awards, The Tweed Regional Art Gallery, NSW

2004 Group Show, Barber Gallery, Guelph/Toronto, CANADA

       Represented by Greenhill Galleries, ADELAIDE, S.A.

       Represented by Richard Martin, SYDNEY, NSW

2004 Represented in Group Shows at Bare Bones Gallery, BANGALOW, NSW

2003 Polish Print Triennial, Digital Imaging, Krakow, POLAND

Collections: Canada, France, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia and Great Britain.

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